Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA)


1. Scope
This Code of Practice represents the public policy position of the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association, HKISPA, and is promulgated by the HKISPA where relevant for voluntary adoption by members of the HKISPA (‘Members’). Any Member which chooses to adopt this Code of Practice may state so in its company materials. The HKISPA shall not act in the role of an enforcement agent, although the HKISPA may request consultation with the Member in extreme circumstances.

2. Quality of Service
Members are committed to quality of service to its customers and to serving the interest of the public, including public education on issues related to the Internet.

3. Legality
Members shall comply with all applicable laws and operating guidelines issued by relevant government authorities.

4. Cooperation
The HKISPA will cooperate with all governmental authorities, and authorized local or international organizations seeking to clarify roles and responsibilities of various functions performed on the Internet.

5. Illegal Content or Activities
Members will not knowingly host any illegal content or facilitate any illegal activities, and will cooperate with other Internet service providers, users and authorities concerned in respect of illegal content and activities.

6. Education to Members
Members shall endeavor to educate their subscribers and users on appropriate on-line conduct and request them to refrain from such misconduct as spamming or hacking, which may lead to the suspension or termination of their privilege of receiving service.

7. Reasonable Effort
Members will make reasonable effort to investigate any legitimate complaint about any illegal content or activities, or any network abuse, and will cooperate with other Internet service providers in taking the appropriate remedial actions. Appropriate advice or actions will be provided to the content provider or user which has engaged in such activities, to the effect of their refrain from furthering such activities under complaint.

8. Recommendation for Abuse
Handling The HKISPA recommends that Members, upon receipt of a complaint against an abuse, to (a) conduct an internal review to determine the nature of the complaint or abuse, and where warranted, (b) consult with legal counsel or the relevant authorities as required by law, and (c) notify the offending party requiring a written response within five (5) business days.

9. Privacy
Members will respect and protect the privacy of all users. Disclosure of private information will be made to relevant governmental authorities only as required by law. By the same token, Members will not knowingly facilitate activities that they deem to be an intrusion of privacy against Internet users.

10. Review of Code
The HKISPA shall review this Code of Practice from time to time to ensure that it remains appropriate in light of changes in society and technology. This Code may be amended from time to time by action of the authority of the HKISPA.

This Code of Practice was adopted by the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association on April 12, 1997, in Hong Kong.